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Calculate My ROI

This percent is based on the total number of records in the desired plan. Choose what percent of leads would you think might come back as potentially qualified prospect?


The "Scale" Package has 15,000 total records. If you filled that package up with your leads and 5% of those leads would Boomerang back in one year, you would have 750 new opportunities.

Total Volume
Gross Revenue
Cost of Service / 12mo

Credit Watch

The ultimate revenue recovery program

No such thing as a dead deal with intelligence like this

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Be there for your borrowers at the right time

Poor credit is responsible for almost 50% of all mortgage related turndowns. 13% of your turndowns will fix their credit within 12 months and go to your competitor. Don't lose those deals. Get notified when your borrower has fixed his credit.

Customer For Life

With this intelligence you can turn every customer into a Customer For Life. No matter what their credit situation you can make your customer feel secure that they are in good hands.

More Loans

You can be notified when your customer has fixed his credit, which means you can increase your loan volume while putting a smile on a customers face.

Destroy Competition

When you are the first to know that a borrowers credit has improved, you will be the first one to contact that borrower, making it almost impossible for a competitor to steal your deal.

Syncing With Your Favorite CRM

No extra work. No new system to learn. Plug and play... Yup, that just happened.

Convert your turndowns into deals.

Take 30 minutes to see it for yourself

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Credit Watch

FICO Score Control

You choose which FICO score you want to track.

Notification Center

You can choose who gets alerts and who doesn't. Do you want each LO to get them or would you rather centralize and distribute?

Refi with higher scores

You can set a notification on when a borrower has increased his FICO and now can refi to a lower rate.

Revenue Recovery Program

Win back your turndowns and discover a whole new stream of loans.

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