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This percent is based on the total number of records in the desired plan. Choose what percent of leads would you think might come back as potentially qualified prospect?


The "Scale" Package has 15,000 total records. If you filled that package up with your leads and 5% of those leads would Boomerang back in one year, you would have 750 new opportunities.

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Life Events Notification System (LENS™)

Life Events enables you to better serve your customers by starting conversations based on events relevant to that borrower.

LENS™ (Life Events)

A life event is worth knowing.

Timing is everything.

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This is one of the most powerful pieces of information to help your borrowers and referral partners.

Help guide your borrowers during life-changing events and include your referral partners in the process. Realtors, accountants and financial advisors can help you help your customers when LIFE happens.

A LENS™ to help you see

Events that affect someone's financial life require a team effort to make sure their future is secure. Secure your spot on that team.

Abundance of Referrals

Marriage, death, college, kids, divorce… all of these events are worth bringing in your network of supporters to help your borrowers.

What would you like?

The right message at the right time can be a catalyst for positive change. Support your customers by being there for them.

Syncing With Your Favorite CRM

No extra work. No new system to learn. Plug and play... Yup, that just happened.

Find loans in your database.

See for yourself in 30 minutes or less.

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LENS™ (Life Events)


Track all the significant life events that could trigger a financial event.


Understanding what's happening in the lives of your prospects and leads is what sets you apart from the rest. Make it clear you're a value-add partner who sees your clients as people, not transactions.


When you get one of these notifications, it's not about doing a loan for the borrower right then and there. It's about starting up a conversation for a future event.

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