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This percent is based on the total number of records in the desired plan. Choose what percent of leads would you think might come back as potentially qualified prospect?


The "Scale" Package has 15,000 total records. If you filled that package up with your leads and 5% of those leads would Boomerang back in one year, you would have 750 new opportunities.

Total Volume
Gross Revenue
Cost of Service / 12mo

What you don’t know could destroy you.

The Loan Loss report will show you all the production issues in your organization in one simple report.

Loan Loss Report

The report that doesn’t lie.

The truth hurts, but ignorance can destroy you.

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Once you know where the problem is, you can stop the bleeding.

This is a report every single lender has to get their hands on at least once a year. You'll get to see who stole your deals from you, which LO or branch is underperforming, how much you lost in loan volume, what types of loans you lost, and so much more.

Open your eyes

How do you know which lead source is the best? This report will show you.

Who stole your deals?

This report will give you the details of every lender who took business away from you and what sort of deal they did for your borrower.

Analyze your team

What if one of your branches missed out on $250M in loans from their database in the past 6 months? Wouldn't you want to help them prevent future losses?

Syncing With Your Favorite CRM.

No extra work. No new system to learn. Plug and play... Yup, that just happened.

Convert your turndowns into deals.

Take 30 minutes to see it for yourself.

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