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This percent is based on the total number of records in the desired plan. Choose what percent of leads would you think might come back as potentially qualified prospect?


The "Scale" Package has 15,000 total records. If you filled that package up with your leads and 5% of those leads would Boomerang back in one year, you would have 750 new opportunities.

Total Volume
Gross Revenue
Cost of Service / 12mo

Mortgage Inquiry Watch

Know when your customers are shopping with a competitor (formerly 'Market Watch')

If anyone in your database — lead, prospect, turndown or customer — is in the market for a mortgage, you'll know.

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Be there for your borrowers at the right time

Your database is made up of prospects, past customers, dead deals and opportunities that simply went cold. With borrower intelligence systems like Sales Boomerang you can be notified when anyone in your database is shopping for a loan. Within 24 hours of inquiry you will know exactly who to call, and why.

Volume Multiplier

You can ramp up your loan volume by simply tracking your existing database activity. This is the fastest and surest way to do it.

Keep more customers

10% of your customers will get a loan from a competitor this year unless you do something about it. Now you can prevent your losses.

Automated FOC

Every time you get a notification so does your customer. We automate the process so you can focus on service instead of logistics.

Syncing With Your Favorite CRM

No extra work. No new system to learn. Just plug and play... Yup, that just happened.

Convert your turndowns into deals.

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Market Watch

Simple. Quick. Integrated.

Hook up your database and watch the notifications come flying in. The more notifications the higher your loan volume will be.

Spread the wealth

Each LO can get notified about their own individual customers.

Analytics for all

Keep track of how your database is performing. Easily see how many notifications and for which LO.

Automate it

Automatically push customers into Market Watch right from your CRM. The moment you fund a deal Sales Boomerang will begin to track that customers future activity. We can also tell you if a prospect is "cheating on you" with someone else. Now that's borrower intelligence at its finest.

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